What is a Virtual Assistant? 
A Virtual Assistant is a contractor who works for businesses over the internet. Depending on the needs of the client, a VA works “on call” or on an agreed upon schedule.  But in all cases, a Virtual Assistant is “virtual”, working off–site for clients who may be in the same community, another state, province or continent.  Communications are done via e-mail, phone, or instant messaging.  Virtual Assistants provide support to their clients without having to ever step foot inside the client's office. 

When would you use a Virtual Assistant? 
Running a business can quickly become all-consuming and sooner or later, as your business grows, you often find it is impossible to do it all and have a great life. Something has to give! Business owners and entrepreneurs find that when they give work to a VA, and allow the VA to proactively support him or her in reaching their goals, time opens up for them and energy is created and available for an abundance of other things.... the things that they love and do best.

Who typically hires a Virtual Assistant?  
Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant can increase productivity, reduce costs and save you and your company time. Businesses big or small, entrepreneurs, actors, writers, life coaches, business coaches, and consultants or just busy people can benefit. 

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?   
The benefits are many: 

  • No need to share space in a home-office or find additional office space for an employee  
  • No need to buy additional equipment  
  • No need to deal with the managing of an employee  
  • No need to deal with the administration details associated with payroll  
  • No need to pay associated payroll taxes, insurance, and possibly benefits  

Services include:

  • ​Answering emails 
  • Spreadsheet creation and maintenance 
  • Travel arrangements 
  • Research 
  • Appointment setting 
  • Returning telephone calls or messages 
  • Newsletter and flyer creation 
  • Sending greeting or thank you cards to your clients and personal contacts 
  • Proofreading and editing of documents and website copy 
  • General administrative assistance 
  • Personal shopping 
  • Concierge services

Virtual Assistant